Octopus BBS

Octopus BBS with Telnet
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Octopus BBS Changelog/Todo list
Last updated September 19th 2004
Todo List:
- Integrated usenet access via internet access on the host computer and perhaps newswatch.
- Implement a reliable file transfer system using lszrz or another
- Get semper source and get full internet fido bbs system working

Octopus v0.76.3 alpha
Resolved Problems:
- Fixed a crash on startup on new deployments

Octopus v0.76.2 alpha
Resolved Problems: - More than a few
- Fixed telnet session disconnect after logoff
- Fixed direct output of ANSI Images
- Fixed startup garbage and added ANSI option
- Fixed crashing after Local login
- Fixed a lot of internal logic and plenty of code cleanups

Known Problems:
- Too numerous to list, but mainly useredit.app doesn't work properly under latest systems

Octopus v0.76A01
Resolved Problems:
- Problems with running MAF and messages not being delivered

- Double character bug
- Octopus failure to create Octopus.mbi

Features of Inet Extensions:
- STiK TCP support
- Completed working telnet nvt protocol.
- coded for efficiency using block transfers rather then single character.
- Modularization - porting to other stacks is relatively painless.
- Handles all possible issues with a telnet session and informs the bbs

Octopus v0.75
- Final version from original author Koos Kuil - we wish him the best.