Coldfire Developer Machines


For those programmers who are not so good with hardware, I am posting to offer the possibility of creation of coldfire development machines. They will consist of an M5485EVB which is one of the fastest coldfires available. This EVB comes with the following features:

16MB Boot flash
2 PCI slots (1 usable easily)
Real time clock
2 10/100Mbit Ethernet ports
USB High speed Host + 4 USB ports
1 USB client port
2 ISA ports (for possible future use)
Onboard CHIPS video controller
Serial null modem console cable
Parallel BDM cable
... Probably more. Originally retailed for $850USD!

What I will add:
Fully setup with 16GB compact flash card, MiNT and MyAES and other open source softwares
PCI Radeon 7500 for immediate use of video
Eiffel specially configured for coldfire with LCD display
1 Attractive home theater style Mini ITX case
Full installed and tested, ready to boot and play...

1. USB Host does not yet work
2. RTC does not yet work
3. No drives! No IDE port, no SATA port, nothing. Support will have to be added via a PCI card MAYBE... But on this board this is possible because you can use onboard video to free up a PCI slot! Also USB host can allow for drives eventually! But for now, nothing but a (very fast) 16GB CF card.
4. No audio (but an audio solution exists and could possibly be made easy to install)
5. It will take a month or two to put this together from the date of this post
6. Not all software works - obviously that's why it's a dev machine to help ACP become better!
7. AlanH will have to be able to make enough Eiffels to fulfill demand!
8. 15 absolute max quantity!

Price will be $500USD + shipping. This will allow for a very modest profit for me which I will use to send didier mequignon one of these EVB's to hopefully bribe him into supporting all of the available features on them. He has made a lot of work on these boards and it would probably be of some vindication to him if SOME people are using them. You should REALLY consider buying an ACP coldfire computer in addition to this because it will be MUCH better. Also if you respond to this and indicate that you are interested, please don't do so unless you are SERIOUSLY interested or else I will be buying boards and supplies that I can't sell.