Atari-source Goes Drupal!

Hello everyone, as you can tell looks VERY different. That's because we've upgraded to Drupal. What you see here is most certainly not the final iteration. The old content can be accessed by clicking here: and will be there for some time while content is migrated. This is most definitely not the final format of the site and things will most certainly change in the coming weeks. Part of this change is a shift in the meaning and purpose of The site will now mainly focus on Articles, Reviews and my Blog rather than News. I've never done the news thing well and it's so pointless to do so considering does SUCH a better job. I hope to make this a fun highly updated place to be again :)


Funny Mark.. I've been playing with Drupal debating if I could use it on!

Let me know if the stories and user mysql tables are a pain to convert from postnuke.

I'm using Drupal for my blog at least...


Well, it's interesting. I mean I didn't really convert the stories and such over because I decided to move away from the news format. There's some nice conversion scripts out there that I'm sure would work well for you. I had to go to some lengths to get the news syndication working in a way to make sure that the move was not noticed by the scripts, which was basically to just include the xml rss stuff into a new "backend.php" file.